Cost containment is one of the most important factors which enable a business to run smoothly. Bia‘s procedures are to control the medical manipulations and overtreatment services provided to the clients, through our CCSP Cost Containment Service Program as follows:

  • Receiving of calls/emails for medical help and assistance
  • Transfer to a reputed and clinically high standards medical facility
  • Checking and approving scheduled medical services, through our medical team
  • Reviewing a hospital’s admission decision and medical assessments
  • Reviewing the hospital’s invoicing assessment
  • Reviewing the over-hospitalization procedures
  • Evaluating to prevent overtreatment procedures
  • Reviewing and evaluating surgeries classifications
  • Reviewing and evaluating overpricing

Cost Containment

We have carried out surveys and studies in the Egyptian, North Africa, and Middle Eastern markets, and gathered and overhauled most of the price lists of the medical service providers. We are in continuous negotiations with medical providers to come to an agreement on appropriate pricing/discounts; Discounts are being available to us for medical services, air tickets, transportation, and hotels.