Case A) Car Crash & Roadside Assistance

A German family suffered a car crash on the highland road of El-Hadaba, Hurghada. The mother and the 2 children were deeply injured. An ambulance was called to the accident location through BIA’s helpline. The injured mother and her children were moved to the nearest hospital of a high clinical standard. The family was discharged from the hospital and they returned home with a car arranged and covered by BIA.

Roadside Assistance

Case B) Repatriation Assistance


A Russian patient suffering from an Intracerebral Hemorrhage with Hypertensive crisis has been repatriated from Dahab City in Sinai to Moscow and directed to Roschino Airport in Russia. BIA was asked to arrange repatriation and hospitalization for the patient in a suitable hospital in Dahab until the patient was stabilized. BIA arranged the admission for the patient in a hospital of excellent medical quality in Dahab city and then arrange for the patient to be repatriated back home to Russia by a stretcher flight and with a Doctors escort.

Case C) Medial Patient Transfer

Two Greek Guards on-board a vessel and were urinating blood and offloaded in Ras Ghareb City. BIA was asked to arrange medical treatment and hospitalization in Suez City and the direction was changed to Cairo by the Insurer for a distance of 478 km; our medical team moved to Ras Ghareb to pick up the two patients while our representative arranged a hospital of highly clinical standard in Cairo and guided the Ambulance Team to a shortest road reaching the hospital in least possible time; avoiding crowded roads and streets.
BIA did its job brilliantly in a professional efficient style. The 2 Greek patients were feeling very safe and confident after the Insurer’s agent quick and utmost response.


Case D) Medical Evacuation


A transportation request to arrange a hospitalization to an isolated intensive care unit in Cairo for an Egyptian Navy captain, admitted to a hospital in Germany for a follow-up treatment after surgery and treatment for polytraumatic disorders in Egypt due to an accident, had to be repatriated back home and taken directly to a hospital in Cairo upon arrival for the treatment of recurrent atelectasis of the right lung and additional medical conditions.
Another request received to arrange ALS ICU Ground Ambulance to transfer the patient.
The telephone conversation with the patient’s wife (also in Germany), learned that the patient had an Egyptian medical insurance. The wife would arrange a bed at the Air Forces Hospital in Cairo. However, contacting the Air Forces Hospital who they did not approve the admission, due to no bed availability.
Therefore, BIA has responded on time to arrange a hospitalization at Saudi German Hospital.
BIA Ground Ambulance Team has transferred the patient and had reached the hospital safely.
The Army spokesman and two from the patient’s family had confirmed to the BIA operation Team that the patient was transferred to Saudi German Hospital and were very grateful and they had thanked BIA Team for the professional job and follow up.